What updated software is available?

We have written a replacement for Web Portal that uses modern browsers by taking advantage of the new web sockets technology. This software is also database driven allowing one operator to manage conferences across multiple Spectel/Avaya bridges increasing profits. The software will also allow a CSP to offer reservationless conferencing across multiple Spectel/Avaya bridges all in one large hunt group.

What is the advantage of using Spectel Bridges?

Most Conference Service Companies are now using VoIP based bridges for cost savings. The Spectel Bridge are TDM using very expensive Digital Signal Processors for superior voice quality. Even today most high end operator assisted calls are held on reliable Spectel bridges because of the voice quality and operator features

Is there any warranty on this equipment?

All equipment is guaranteed to be in working condition or a full refund is issued

Do you offer other equipment or services?

We have access to used ThinkEngine VSR1000 VoIP conference bridges. We also offer help with bridge configuration, setup and will install Spectel bridges onsite.

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